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What is Party Plan?
Party Plan involves the arrangement of social events where products are recommended and sold. The person providing and demonstrating the products (The Distributor) is paid based on the sales of the products at the party. The host of the party (also sometimes the Distributor) usually receives a reward for hosting the party. The Party Plan model can grow quickly with groups of friends because the party itself can often generate more parties, with attendees interested in hosting their own party at their home with their own group of friends.
Party Plan is a form of direct sales employed by companies to distribute and sell a range of products. Party Plan becomes increasingly popular during times of recession where people choose to socialise with groups of friends at home instead of dining out, drinking or other social activities.
What is Direct Sales?
Direct selling is the method of selling products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location, principally through face to face contact with customers. It is a growing sector of the home shopping market, with annual sales exceeding £2 billion. One of the great attractions of a Direct Selling business is that the commitment is entirely flexible.
How is Party Plan and Direct Sales regulated?
The Party Plan model and all forms of Direct Sales are regulated in the UK by the Direct Selling Association, of which this company is a long standing member.
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